In the past month, the Scottish Stammering Network have been contacted by people who have gone to their GP to ask to be referred to NHS Speech and Language therapy for their stammer. On one occasion a GP told the person that the NHS does not provide services for stammering. Another person was told by their GP that their stammer was not severe enough to get therapy for. This is unacceptable.

We have spoken with NHS Speech Therapists who are shocked GPs are behaving in this way. GPs have no way to judge how severe a person's stammer is or the effect it is having on a persons life in a 10 minute appointment. Only a Speech Therapist can make an accurate assessment but some GPs are stopping people who stammer being referred on for speech therapy, due to ignorance of the system and service provided by their Health Boards.

Therefore, we are taking our concerns to the Scottish Government and the NHS but to do so we need to gather more evidence. If you have ever received Speech and Language Therapy or been denied access to therapy by a GP, please fill in our survey.