From Tim Niven and the team undertaking the 5 Ferry Challenge:

"We are 8 cyclists undertaking The 5 Ferry Challenge, so that we can raise much needed funds for the Scottish Stammering Network.  The cycle is over 72 miles in 5 stages through some of Scotland's finest scenery, making sure you don't miss any of the 5 ferries along the way! The challenge has to be completed on the same day and we are all currently training very hard for the event.  The photos on the page, are some snapshots of the team of 3 who undertook the challenge last year but we have expanded it from 52 miles last year to 72 miles this year!

The Scottish Stammering Network is a Scottish charity run by unpaid volunteers and at present runs support groups, workshops and open days for people who stammer, which are free to attend, in order to make help accessible to all. The Scottish Stammering Network wants to set up more support groups an open days across the whole of Scotland so that people of all ages with a stammer have a place where they can turn to for help.

The impact of the charity is clear already, with one example being it's Glasgow Support Group, is supporting more people who stammer in a year than are accessing Speech and Language Therapy at the local health board, showing clearly the successful approach the charity has taken.  There is a real need to ensure the charity can continue to grow and support more people who stammer across the whole of Scotland.  With support from fundraising, the Scottish Stammering Network will be able to help even more people and raise awareness of stammering with the general public."