Message from Tom Costelloe regarding the possibility of doing a podcast.  If you would ilke to take part in this, please email Tom at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi all,

You might remember at the Edinburgh open day I mentioned a plan to set up a podcast involving a small panel of people. The panel would be made of 4 people (won't necessarily be the same 4 people every podcast). The aim is to have a podcast every two weeks.

The 2 aims of the podcast are (a) to be interesting and entertaining and (b) to give listeners the opportunity to listen to people who happen to stammer just talk about things! There's very little opportunity in modern media to hear people who stammer just have a conversation - this will be a platform. The topic of stammering will surely come up now and then but it won't necessarily be the main topic of conversation all the time.

I'm happy to host it in my apartment in Edinburgh (for a start at least) - I've bought a good microphone and I've figured out the recording/editing software. I have an idea for the format (just to give it some structure) which I'll go through in more detail with whoever is keen to give it a go! It will be topic based and we can send around topics to be chatted about in a WhatsApp group in advance.

Chats around each topic will be separated by little clips talking about stammering, stammering pride, experiences, and maybe answers to questions asked by listeners

It would be great to arrange to meet up with a few people who are interested in taking part to record a few clips, chat about logistics and plan for the first podcast.

Let me know if you're interested! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!